I Have a Picky Eater…..Help!

My baby is now almost 13 months old and he refuses to eat anything I try to offer up to him. We took him off of formula when he had his 1st year birthday. So now I am super worried that he is not getting his nutrition of vitamins and minerals that he needs. His doctor advised me to only give him 20 oz. of Whole Milk per day and to feed him from the table. So I tried and tried and tried. Nope. He refuses to eat any food. I have taught him the sign for eat in sign language and when he is hungry he will come to me and sign “Eat”, I then scoop him up and put him in his highchair and I prepare his food. 1st bite….ok he took it, right now I am thinking “Yes!” 2nd bite. Nope he wants nothing to do with it. I then try the approach of eating it myself and saying “Yummy”! Still doesn’t help he simply turns his head and refuses to open his mouth. I have tried just about everything I can think of. Could it be that he is a picky eater because his daddy is? My hubby is very picky and selective of what he will eat and I think my baby is too…

pickaeter1 How can I go from this?


To this?

I need help? Can anyone recommend what I should do? I am wondering if I need to put him back on formula until he gets over this picky stage. I am just worried about how long it will last and I want him to stay healthy in his eating???

Hollie~A worried mommy!

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  1. amandanbo said...

    oh, i would defintly call your pediatrician about the formula thing, could be a good idea. i was so lucky with ava...she isn't too picky of an eater. i have read that you have to offer your child a food as much as 20 times {i think}to get them to acceptit and eat it. so i would just keep on offering him all kinds of food and people always told me that if your kiddo is hungry, they'll eat. :) not sure if that's very helpful, but had to comment. it can be so hard to know what is right and wrong with your child as far as their nutrition goes. we all want to give our kids the best and keep them healhty, healthy, healthy!

  2. JDaniel4's Mom said...

    When JDaniel was that age, I mixed foods I wanted him to eat with foods he liked. We had a lot of applesauce and yogurt mixtures.

  3. Nicole-Lynn said...

    There are a lot of cookbooks out there... deceptively delcious, etc. Good luck!

  4. Krystyn said...

    You can always use that second step formula....that is okay until 24 months. But, what about yogurt, or cheese? And how about beans and canned fruit (like mandarin oranges). I would just keep offering new things and find one or two things that he likes and can use. Around 12 months, they really slow down with their eating because they are too busy doing other things. If you are worried, call the ped, but I think as long as he is gaining weight, you are okay.

  5. A Giveaway Everyday said...

    Thanks Amanda. I actually put him on the Good and Grow Similac Formula which goes up to the age of 24 months. So thankful for that. Thanks for the advice. It helps! I will continue to offer it over and over again and maybe one day he will want it. :)

  6. A Giveaway Everyday said...

    Hey Krystyn- Thanks for the info on the second step formula. We have him on that now. I actually tried yogurt at first and he loved it but only for like a week and then nope he didn't want it anymore. I will try the mandarin oranges. Thanks for that idea I hadn't thought of those. Yes he is super active right now he doesn't sit still so I bet he is just super interested in playing and not eating. I may just call the ped just in case. Thanks for the thoughts.

  7. Just For Me And You-Ladies said...

    My son is 19 months and is the EXACT same way. I stress about what he will eat every single day. I heard that instead of looking at what he eats each day, look at what he has eaten throughout an entire week. There are really bad days, but some pretty good days. Also, I have been finding that my son is more inclined to eat something if he can feed it to himself. String cheese and frozen GoGurts have made good snacks lately.

  8. Hippie4ever said...

    My son is about to turn 8 months... so we've just started on solids...He may regress. But right now he's doing excellent! He hated being fed by a spoon (too independent minded and stubborn, don't know where he gets it :) ) So I purchased those munchkin mesh feeders. They work awesome!! We have been using them for about a week now. I went from dreading feeding to having fun with it. Sometimes when I just need to get something done in the kitchen I put him into his chair with a sliced peeled apple in the Munchkin feeder and he has a BLAST!!! (Supervised of course) He LOVES feeding himself. We have had steamed carrots, apples, potatoes, banana, prunes and steamed asparagus in there so far. Asparagus was a little too much cellulose didn't go through the mesh well, and prunes and banana are super messy!!! But he loves it!! He's eating! And I actually have a minute to throw some meals together for his Dad and I!! Maybe it will work for you too. Good Luck! :)

  9. A Giveaway Everyday said...

    Thanks Hippie4ever I am going to get one of those and see if he likes it! :)

  10. A Giveaway Everyday said...

    It is so comforting to know that I am not the only one with a picky eater. I was afraid that I was doing something wrong. Thanks everyone for your helpful hints and tips!

  11. Jill Heaps said...

    My nephew was a picky eater from the beginning and my sister-in-law has been giving him strawberry pediasure and he LOVES it! He's 18 months now and still struggles. He only has a few teeth so that doesn't help much, but we can tell he's not the lean little thing he used to be... It's worth a try!

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