SodaStream Review


Make Soda and Sparkling Water at home in 30 seconds!


My husband is a soda fanatic (around here we call it pop). To say he is addicted is really an understatement. He goes through a 12 pack of pop in around 3 days. SodaStream recently send us the SodaStream Starter Kit Reusable-Carbonating-Bottle and I was thrilled. This meant we could make our own soda at home and save the money we were spending on his regular drinking. When it arrived we pulled it out and went to town making Root Beer, and Diet Cola. It tasted amazing and really only took a few minutes to get the machine up and running after we read the instructions. You simply press the button on top to add the fizz to your water (you can add AddFlavor-banner_1a little or a lot), add your flavor, and then you have your Soda creation. I love that you can reuse the bottles over and over to help the environment and do our part. I am super excited to use it this holiday season when we have our families over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Over 20 great-tasting regular, diet and caffeine-free flavors plus energy drink and My Water all-natural flavor essences. Regular flavors have no high-fructose corn syrup. Diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener and contain no aspartame.

Each bottle of Soda mix makes 12 liters or about 33 cans.

I especially like the idea of Sparkling Water. I don’t drink soda so this is the perfect alternative for me when I want to make a drink. Plus they have an energy drink flavor so you can make your own Energy Concoctions at home instead of paying $2 a can at the store. I am all about the savings that this SodaStream has provided our family.

mywater_bottle_0 Sparkling Water ... 20 Cents Per Liter!

Call it seltzer, seltzer water, sparkling water, soda water or club soda. Whatever you call it, you're sure to love how making it at home will save money - and your aching back! And you'll enjoy the fizziest seltzer on the planet.

Buy your own SodaStream today!

Stay tuned for a SodaStream

Giveaway coming soon during our “Best

Christmas Gifts” {Grand Giveaway!}

{Thanks SodaStream for providing the product sample!}

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  1. GroverFamily said...

    cant wait! i have been trying to win one of these!

  2. Tina said...

    Wow! looks like fun. I am thinking this might be a great christmas gift for the family.

  3. Xenia said...

    We tried one of these out recently and I thought it was definitely cool but the flavor wasn't quite the same as store-bought... I'm looking forward to trying out the sparkling water though and I saw that you could add pretty much anything so I was wondering if adding orange juice would be a fun change!

  4. Anne said...

    I would love to try this product!

  5. myspiral said...

    I am very curious to try one of these! We only drink a 12 pack of soda every 2 weeks, but I'm really interested in this...already on my Christmas list!

  6. Vanessa H said...

    I saw these months ago and thought that it was a great idea. Glad that others agree.

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