Tips and Tricks?

frustrationWeight has always been an issue with me, as it is with a lot of people. I have tried everything... literally! Weight watchers, Nutrisystem, LA Weight Loss, South Beach Diet, Slim Fast, work out videos, a nutritionist, HCG, P90X, EVERYTHING! I have seen success with some but I can never seem to keep it off. Partly due to my lack of self control and partly due to the diet. Some diets restricted me from everything for so long that I either gave up the diet or when I got off, I pigged out! Some diets didn't even work...waste of money, time, and effort. I have just had a tough time getting and keeping the results I want. PS...I loved P90x but it kicks my butt so badly, that I can't do it like I am suppose to. I am too sore!

I recently found a program that I learn about eating normal food to lose weight and learn how to use exercise to help with weight loss. (Not that I didn’t know exercise would help me lose weight…I was actually working out TOO hard.) It is a fool proof program. I am told what to eat, when to eat it, how to exercise, and when to do it. I love it and this has been going really well! I hit my 27 pound mark last week. Unfortunately since then, I have gone up 5 pounds! The thing I don’t get is, nothing has changed. I am still eating and working out like I was…but now I am gaining.

This is what happens with EVERY diet. I hit the 20 pound mark…lose a little more…then BOOM! I gain. Then I get frustrated and give up. All that work into eating healthy and working out only to gain weight makes me just think that I might as well enjoy the path to gaining weight.

THIS TIME I WANT IT TO BE DIFFERENT! I don’t want to give up! I want to beat this rollercoaster. So I am turning to you all. Got any tips or tricks to help me…and others like me…get over this hump and keep going down the scale? SHARE! I am dying to know what to do next!

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  1. Emily B said...

    Try going vegetarian... You'll cut out all the saturated fats (not to mention hormones & antibiotics) in meat, up your fiber intake and feel all around healthier.

    If you've tried everything else, it can't hurt to give it a try for a few months to see how you like it and if it helps you out with losing and keeping the weight off.

  2. Torri P said...

    honestly, its all about self control. You need to maintain a 1200 calorie a day diet. That is the ideal for a woman. You need to keep track of your calorie intake, as well as burnt calories. You should come to a total of 1200. So if you eat 1250 calories, but you burn 250, you still need to eat 200 more. Losing weight is not an easy battle...not in the least. If you can eat the calories needed, and continue working out, the weight will eventually come off. Also remember this, working out is also building muslce, so don't go by the scale, instead go by inches lost. You will gain weight before you lose, you need to to get the muscle built. More muscle gained = more pounds lost in the long run! I LOVE its an easy way to keep track of your goals! Good luck!!

  3. Christa said...

    Depending on what kind of $$ you're willing to spend on it, I'm doing Take Shape For Life which uses meal replacements from MediFast and it WORKS! And what's even better you learn how to eat better for the rest of your life, you learn how to fit in exercise (if you suck at it see: me). Since August 10th of this year I've lost 37lbs. You see results quickly and consistently. My health coach Jacqui's website if you want to pick her brain: (and yes, we all want to look hot in skinny jeans, hence the name of her little business!)

  4. GroverFamily said...

    im with you on the up and down diet roller coaster! i did weight watchers in feb 2008 and lost 35lbs by july, but in aug i had foot surgery and over the last year and half i have gained it all back! i am really wanting to lose the weight again but im not working so money to put into a weight loss program just isnt there. i am trying to watch what i eat and trying to work in so exercise time. i know this isnt really help for you i just want to let you know that you are not alone in this battle!

  5. Angela said...

    Sounds like you were doing every thing right, except relying on the scale. If you stay off it and depend on how your clothes fit and how you feel to tell you if you are on the right track, maybe you won't get so discouraged and give up.

    So what if the scale says you are up 5? Your weight should/will fluctuate daily. Stick with your healthy routine and only hop on the scale once in a while. :)

  6. amandanbo said...

    hey crissa!
    i am also a girl that has had fluctuating weight issues {especially after children}. good for you for loosing 20! that's so awesome {i am on that journey now and have yet to loose 1}. it sounds like you are doing everything you should be and i agree with angela...stay.away.from.that.scale! if anything can make you feel discouraged, it will! {i need to take my own advice!}
    stay strong {& away from the cupcakes! ha!}

  7. Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

    Thanks for the advice everyone! This is what I am trying this week...staying off the scale. Maybe if I didn't think about my daily weight I won't stress and then on Thursday when I step on the scale (after a week) I will just have a great surprise!

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