Save My Shoes!


I am a full time receptionist at a residential treatment center. There are pros and cons to the job. I love that I can get some internet Christmas shopping in during the slow times. I love that I get to meet a lot of people…although some of the parents I meet are not the sweetest. I don’t love that I sit 98% of the time. (I am beginning to get a secretary butt…flat and wider than I prefer.) I like the professional atmosphere where I get to dress up everyday but don’t love that I never have a “Casual Friday.” I don’t even get to wear nice jeans with heels.

Because I am always dressed up, I wear heels a lot. I LOVE shoes….especially heels. I would work out in high heels if I didn’t think I would get some funny looks at the gym.

I have a little problem. You see, I sit behind a desk with a covered front. This means I don’t always sit like this.


Or this.


After 8 hours, it gets a little tiring to sit like a lady. Plus if you have tried sitting like a lady at a desk for 8 hours in high heels, you find that the angle makes your ankles start to ache a bit. Also, because I get up and down frequently, I can’t just kick my shoes off. I have tried that before. When someone comes to my desk and asks for something, I have to hurry and try to find my shoes underneath and slip them on.

So what is the problem? My shoes are getting ruined. You see…I sit like this most of the time.


Legs out in front. But because I have a plastic mat under my desk, my shoes are getting torn up. My legs are the perfect length that the backs of my heels sit right at the edge of the plastic mat. That put a dent in the back of my heels. Then if I move my foot back toward my body without picking it up I tear the heel.

For example…here is a picture of my brand new pair of brown pointed toe pumps….wore them one day to work and look!


A bunch of dents…big and small. GRR! It makes me so mad!

Here are a few of my other favorites that are ruined thanks to the stupid plastic mat


Bummer right?!

So here is my question for all of you…

Have you seen any products out there for women who don’t always want to sit with proper posture but want to keep their shoes in one piece?

Your shoe obsessed friend-


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  1. Naomi said...

    I do remember seeing something ages ago that was supposed to be for women driving in high heels, sort of a bookend type of thing that cradled the heel...

  2. Alexia said...

    Take your shoes off when you're at your desk? No one's gonna know, right? :)

  3. Mary S said...

    So it's your plastic mat that is the problem?
    Would your boss let you put a rug just under your desk where your fit sit so you can still slide your wheeling chair around?
    Just an idea!!!

  4. Jena said...

    I've never been a heels girl--they're too horrible on my legs, no matter how much better they make them look. But your problem immediately made me think of the scene in The Devil Wears Prada where one of the girls at one of the desks is wearing clogs under the desk (to keep her feet warm, I'd guess) but when Miranda's making her rounds, she replaces them with the heels Miranda would approve of. I say keep another pair of shoes--clog-styles are great--under the desk for easy sliding in and out of. Would something like this work with heels and help the situation? or

  5. Katie said...

    I read in a magazine about putting clear nailpolish on the backs of your shoes to keep them safe from this problem!

  6. Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

    MARY! You are brillant! A rug!! Something simple and cheap. I am running to the store to buy one today. Maybe I can find a really plush one for extra comfort.

    Thank you all for your help. Now bring on those high heels Santa! I am not ruining any more!

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