Shade Review

It is so frustrating to go clothing shopping and not find anything that works. I don’t love trying on 50 pairs of jeans only to walk out empty handed and taking a big bash to the ol’ self esteem. It is also frustrating to only find shirts that are too revealing or not long enough. In my mind a booty crack upon sitting isn’t a very pretty picture.

Chelsea Rippy was the same way. After one of many frustrating shopping trips where she spent hours scouring clothing racks looking for items that were stylish without being too revealing, she became fed up and decided to take matters into her own hands. “She spent one year designing and developing a line of stylish, essential undershirts with the goal of giving women exactly what they need to dress modestly, comfortably and fashionably. In September 2004, when she felt like her shirts were “just right,” Chelsea founded Shade Clothing, a company with a simple mission: make clothes that help women feel comfortable and happy.” Soon after, Chelsea teamed up with her friend, Char, and now the two play off each other's strengths, to design and distribute Shade shirts to women all over the United States.

I have been a fan of Shade since the beginning. I remember when layering began and they were there pushing it along. I fell in love with the style. Since then, I have owned many pieces from Shade. Here a a few of my past season favorites:

I own this shirt in aqua (shown), black, and white.




I own this swim top and bottoms in black, teal, and pink. I love their swimwear! The tops are long (so you don’t see my little pooch sticking out between the tankini top and the bottoms) and the bottoms do what they should…cover my bottom! These suits finally make me enjoy being in a swimming suit.

I can’t even tell you how many of these I own. I own at least 4 white ones. I have a huge variety of colors! I wear either a cami or their cap sleeve shirt with almost every outfit. These are like jeans….a wardrobe staple!



I own so many more items. In fact the other day I was looking through my closet and probably a third of my shirts are Shade! It is nice to have a store that never fails me.

A few other reasons I love Shade so much is because of their quality and price. The material is thick, washes well, and doesn’t fade. Their clothes are priced so everyone can afford it. Not to mention they always have great sales! When I purchase something from Shade I know I will not be disappointed.P1020110

Look at this adorable dress Shade Clothing sent me! It is called the Ruffle Empire Dress. It is such a wonderful shade of maroon…they call it “raisin”…I call it “love at first site!”

Here I am wearing it with leather boots and I could easily throw a scarf on instead of this necklace….BUT….it is light weight enough that I could wear it with a great pair of sandals and a beachy wave hair do. This is a year-round dress at it’s finest.

So based on my past of buying the same Shade Clothing item in many different colors….would it surprise you that I ran to the store and brought the same dress in green? :)


I wore it with a great pair of pumps to work and the next week I wore it with a pair of Uggs. Dressy and casual all in one!

HEY! When you find something you love swipe it up or one day you will wake up and say “Today I feel like wearing my green Shade dress,” and then realize “NOOO! I didn’t buy it!” Like I said before, you can’t go wrong with Shade so there isn’t any harm in owning the same style in every color they make!



Now let’s talk deals. Shade ALWAYS has a great deal going on. In fact, I am not sure I have ever stepped foot in their store where there hasn’t been something on sale. I went in there on Black Friday and not only did they have everything marked to either $10, $20, or $30 but they had an additional 30% off sale! Then on Cyber Monday they had everything 30% with free shipping. Talk about generous!

Here is one of my Black Friday buys! Sooo cute!

Right now Shade has a great holiday sale! I know! Shade is just too much!

We love you, Shade!

Here are just a few of the things on my current Shade wishlist (and ALL for great prices):

They also have maternity and girls!

Struggle a little with style? No worries! Shade Clothing has a style guide. Here they show you many different ways to wear items.

Shade Clothing

Stay informed…

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Thank you Shade Clothing for the beautiful dress you sent me for review!

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  1. Beth said...

    What a great review!! Those dresses look amazing on you :)

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