Fusion Brands Review


Did you know there is less then a month until Valentine’s Day? Crazy how fast the year is going by already isn’t it!? Well time to start thinking about what you can get the love of your life. Here is a great idea! Perfect for the cook and/ or person who has everything…

Fusion Brands makes kitchen items better, easier to use, and a lot more fun to have in the kitchen. Take a look!

Think back to the last time you used your plastic ice cube tray. You filled it up with water, while walking to the freezer you spilled some of it on the floor or in the freezer, once frozen you practically broke the stupid tray trying to get the ice cubes out….and then they came out in pieces and taste funny because of freezer odor. Fusion Brands fixes all this hassle with the ICEORB

Take the center blue bucket out, fill with water, and replace the bucket…this pushes the water into the bubbles. Freeze. Dump the newly formed ice cubes into the blue bucket and cover with lid to store. The ice cubes come out easily because it is made out of bendable silicone. Makes 21 ice cubes at a time and stores 51 airtight and odor free. Leave the cubes in their places and keep a bottle of wine chilled or dip for your party. No one likes luke warm ranch dip for their veggies. Put the lid until the iceorb while serving to catch condensation—no mess! All that for just $16!

Ever made stuffed chicken breasts before and the recipe says to use kitchen string or toothpicks to keep the meat together? The last time I used toothpicks it was a hot mess! The broccoli stuffing was all over the place. Fusion Brands to the rescue---presenting The Food Loop!

This heat resistant silicone trussing tool will replace your kitchen string in a jiffy. You can either use them individually or link them together for larger items, like a roast! There are for loops to a package and each at 15” long. Only $10!

While cooking hand washing it very important. Before starting…wash your hands. Touch raw meat…wash your hands. Touch something sticky…wash your hands. Cooking, sometimes, can get quiet messy (or at least it does in my kitchen. I use a towel constantly. Problem is I use it and set it down somewhere. Then when I go to use it again I am turning in circles in the kitchen trying to figure out what I did with the towel. Again….Fusion Brands fixed this problem with the COOKHOOK.


Just clip your towel between the magnets! You can hook the cookhook to your stove, grill, drawer pull, belt loop, on an apron string, an appliance handle…even a golf bag! Never loose your towel again! Can you believe it is only $6!!

In your kitchen do you have metal, cast iron, glass, or ceramic handled pots or pans? If so, you have got to know what I mean when I say OUCH! Guaranteed there has been a time or two when you forgot your hot pad or towel and reached for the handle or lid and fried your hand. You love your pots and pans so you just suffer through and deal with the occasional burn here or there. The geniuses at Fusion Brands fixed this problem too…introducing THE LOVE HANDLE.

image image

The Love Handle easily slips over handles and is heat resistant up to 500°F / 260°C. It even has a built in utensil rest…no more sauce on the middle of the stove! Simple to use and switch between many different sizes of pots and pans. Just $9!

Fusion Brands is the Einstein of kitchen tools! Look at all of their handy gadgets at FusionBrands.com They also provide videos on each product so you never are clueless about how they are used! Don’t forget how AFFORDABLE they are!

image image image

**Opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own. We were not paid for this post. Thanks Fusion Brands for providing us with the CookHook, Love Handle, and Food Loop for this review.**


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  1. sharonjo said...

    That Ice Orb is pretty clever! I'm always interested in new kitchen gadgets--good review!

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