Organizing a Play Room!

Ok I know you are all guilty of it….spoiling your kiddos! Don’t deny it. We know you do!!!

Am I right??? Of course I am.

Well, this Christmas was so much fun with our 14 month old as he loves toys! Well we love the idea of getting him fun toys. So first it was “he needs some cars”, then it was “he needs some big blocks”….you see where I am going with this. In the end we ended up with too many toys for the small space.

He has Toys Toys and more Toys everywhere. He has his new Christmas toys along with all of his baby toys. We decided that there were just too many of them in the den, kitchen, and family room so we decided to clean out a spare bedroom and make it his toy room! Genius idea! As I won’t have to clean up the toys scattered all over the house. Now I have a problem….I am not sure how to organize this room so it isn’t cluttered beyond belief. I moved all of his toys into this spare room and they line around the outer edges of all the walls. Hello Chaos! I don’t know how he can even play because there is way too much going on. I need something to store them in….

So I went searching on Google and found some great ideas for organizing a play room and decided to share them with you! Maybe it will spark your interest in organizing your child’s bedroom or play area. I know it did mine.

I love the idea of incorporating bright colors…Creating such a colorful space would definitely make the room pop and scream FUN!

241086-main_Full image credit

This gal decided to transform her dining room into a Play Room. I just love the big rug and the chalkboard wall. The kiddos would have so much fun with that wall!

2009-04-13-diningroom Idea and photo credit Ohdeedoh

This is how my dream Play Room would look….maybe one day!

MS_AW_Playroom_Full_RGB_mediumimage credit 

I would love this beauty in my baby’s room or media area!


Or you could simply add some fun wall art to your walls to create a fun atmosphere, paint on a mural, or even frame some of your children’s artwork. There are so many ideas to choose from and the possibilities are endless.  creatplaylearn-joyfuljuliana2 Wall vinyl art by Inspire Your Walls



Oh I love this idea. Simply hang your children’s art on a string line with clothespins! So cute and easy to do and you can switch it out so easily as they bring home more!2008-09-dignitet credit to Ohdeedoh

If you need a cost effective solution for now…cause who can really afford the gorgeous layouts above??? You can try one of these many great organizers ideas. I personally have baskets placed throughout my home. So when there is something out of place it goes in the basket until I am ready to return it to it’s designated spot.

You can usually pick all sorts of organizers up at your local chain store.

Just head to their organization section!target-12binorganizer JUMBO 12 TRAY amazon-stackable-storage-bins1 jcpenny-bins


Let us know your organizing tips, tricks, and ideas by leaving a comment. We would love your to hear your advice, and we would love to see pictures too.

Good Luck organizing that toy room or child’s bedroom. Let us know how it goes!Hollie

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  1. MamaBear said...

    i just wanted to let you and readers know that the first item under "chain store", the primary colored bins, LOOKS like an awesome idea, but it's not very sturdy; my bins fell into one another and it didn't last long as a rack. i still have bins around, but not the rack. i would un-recommend that style.

  2. A Giveaway Everyday said...

    Thanks MamaBear as I was thinking of buying a set up like that but since you told me I will avoid that one! It's great to get your review.

  3. Trish said...

    I have the rack like the first picture and have had it for 2 years now and it's held up real good, I got mine at target, I don't know if it makes a difference were you get it or not but I'm happy with mine and its great for the little ones to get stuff out and put stuff away.

  4. jillykat07 said...

    My hubby secured the bins to our wall. It was very simple how he did it, yet not messy or difficult to ever move. I think they are a wonderful idea if mounted. As a matter of fact, I intend on getting another set :)

  5. Ricia (Mummatutu) said...

    I like the idea of the Jumbo clear trays that slide in.. IMO the colored fabric type are a waste it is what I have and my children can never find what they want and wind up dumping the whole box on the floor.. go with the clear it might save you from getting them dumbed!

  6. A Giveaway Everyday said...

    I definitely agree with the clear trays. I actually bought a fabric one and ended up returning it as my little one (14 months) can't see what's in he does dump it out.

  7. Melissa said...

    I use the bins that Target had 3 tiered and multi sizes. Recently I also found erasable labels at the Container store. I have written what goes in each bin and then a picture as well since my little guys are too young to read!

  8. katklaw777 said...

    Hi, please tell me a source for the wall unit 4th pic down. The brown wooden one that you said would be great in a baby's room or media center. I absolutely love, want and need it. Great organizing post, do more please, Thanks.

  9. onangelwings said...

    Those are some inspiring rooms. I would love any of them.

  10. A Giveaway Everyday said...

    Hi Katklaw777. Unfortunately I can't find the source for that unit as I just found the picture. But you can find similar shelving at The Land of Nod and it is quite reasonably priced as well. Try here
    Hope that helps you in your storage needs!

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