POM Wonderful Review

As most of you know I am a total chocoholic.  I love sweets, treats, carbs, ice cream, real or fake sugar…anything this I shouldn’t have.  The nice thing is, deep down inside of my there is a healthy girl.  I love my salads, exercising, fruit, and veggies.  Since I have a secret healthy side of me (a side that some don’t see) I do like to shop in the healthy aisles of the store or health food stores.  Once when I was in one of these stores I saw POM Wonderful.  I was the cute little bottle that caught my attention.  Look how great it is:


I was afraid to try it because it was 100% juice and from a fruit I have never tried before.  So that day I passed.  In fact I passed on anything pomegranate until November 2009.  That is when I tried a drink mix that was cherry pomegranate.  That was like Christmas in my mouth.  Then at Christmas time someone offered me a handful of chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.   Even better!  So when I was asked to do a review for POM Wonderful, this time I wasn’t so nervous about trying the juice.

I took a bottle to work and shared with a co-worker.  It smelled good, was thick, and tasted delicious.  Why had I worried so much in the past?  I finished my glass off pretty quickly.  I also shared some with my sister, who had never tried POM Wonderful before.  She loved it!  It is a great alternative to the classic breakfast juices on the market…and much better for your body.  This is how…

  • contains no added sugars, preservatives or colors
  • a good source of potassium
  • gluten-free
  • flash pasteurized to retain both flavor and nutrients
  • certified kosher
    Did you hear that?  NO ADDED SUGARS OR FILLERS.  This is the real deal!  100% pomegranate juice!  This is the only pomegranate juice backed my medical research…$32 million dollars of medical research. 

    Health Benefits include:



    Erectile Function

    Antioxidant Superpower

    What is even better is that POM has several different products so you can get the same benefits without having to have the same thing everyday.  However, with that being said, it is delicious enough to have everyday…just fun to spice things up.

From left to right:

Pills---same goodness and calorie-free

Iced Coffee—Coffee with the power of POM…tastes like coffee but also comes in mocha, vanilla, and cafe au lait

Juice—available in classic pomegranate flavor, blueberry, mango, kiwi, nectarine, and cherry

Tea—Available in lychee, peach, blackberry,hibiscus, wildberry

Shot—super concentrated…more free-radical- fighting power than red wine, grape seed and acai extracts

Bar—made with real fruits and nuts and wrapped in CHOCOLATE…available in pomegranate and peanut butter

Fruit—you can buy the actual fruit right from the source!   Grown in California!


WAIT!  It gets even better!  You can even cook with POM.  Here are a few of the recipes they provide on their website.  (Click the picture to be taken to the recipe)

POM Velvet Cake     Pear Salad

julip   cups

cake     pork

Get creative and decorate with them!


POM Wonderful really is WONDERFUL!

**Opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own. We were not paid for this post. Thanks POM Wonderful for providing us with the delicious POM Wonderful for this review.**


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